The Ghost Rider Movie…

…was actually not bad. In fact, it was pretty darn good. It is my son’s new favorite movie, though I can’t say I agree with him that it is worthy to replace The Empire Strikes Back in that regard.

I have a few minor cavils with the casting, and there were a couple of points I had to go “Oh Script! You minx! You just took the easy way out, didn’t you?” But I will also say that it had one of the Most Truly Frickin’ Cool Things I have seen on a big screen in a long time, and for a few moments in that darkened theater, I was eight years old, too.

Though I was most certainly not eight when the new trailer for Grindhouse played. I wasn’t 16 again, either, much as I’d like to say I was. I was an appreciative near-50 thinking, “Damn, they even got that guy to do the narration!” Nice to know he’s still around. No, really, if the Grindhouse trailers got any more perfect, I’d have to make sure I hadn’t died and gone to some crap film fan’s version of heaven.

So…between Ghost Rider, 300 and Grindhouse, it looks like I’ll break my string of only going to one movie in a theater per annum. Maybe this actually is the year I finally stick my head out of my spider hole and start making a noise in The World again.

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