Two days of quite different hellish job problems: patients that do not even show up for their appointments, like half of yesterday’s… Exacerbated by today’s winner, a man who was scheduled for a three-hour procedure, and who called two hours before his time and said, “I just got your message. Didn’t my wife call you? I’m in Florida.”

I filled up that three hours on short notice. The billable hours were not as rich, but I filled them. And God help me, I actually feel like that was a triumph.

The only answer, of course, was to do something worthwhile with my evening. Like sifting through the 10 gigs of mp3’s on my Zen Nomad and correcting the tags.

And re-reading some of my favorite literature. In case I haven’t mentioned it, Scott McCloud’s Zot! was one of comics’ finest hours.

Day off tomorrow, though my son reaallllllly wants to see the Ghost Rider movie. Good thing I edited those tags tonight!