The Curmudgeon Returns.

So via Boing Boing, I come across a story obviously dredged up by the recent Boston Mooninite scare; Last year,Paramount apparently attached devices to newspaper racks that played the Mission Impossible theme when the machine was opened, all to hype Mission Impossible III. If you’ve paid attention at all to the news the past month, you’ll see the similarities to the panic caused by a bunch of Lite-Brites advertising an upcoming (I think) Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie.

It’s time we fessed up. The terrorists won. And they did it with the complicit aid of our politicians and our media, neither able to comprehend the difference between a state of “alert readiness” and one of “abject fear”. Abject fear reaps more profit, in terms of money and other capital, I fear, and that is the road that has been travelled, and this is the result. Don’t know why I’m surprised or dismayed; Common Sense took a round in the head quite time ago, and got buried in someone’s back yard.

Time to drag out that on-again, off-again book I’ve been working on for ages. The new working title is A Nation of Fuckheads.

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