Radio Silence (Maintain)

I follow @JaytheBigLug on Twitter. That was a happy accident, I saw his name cropping up repeatedly in a silly Trending Topic I was participating in, I liked his sense of humor, so I thought a Follow for a day or two was in order. I’ve never regretted that. Jay does the microblogging thing well, with humor and glimpses into workplace and life. The fact that our tastes in movies are similar also helps.

So when I see something like this:

I have to sigh and say, “Yeah…”

It’s no surprise to anyone that I haven’t liked where this country has been headed in the last decade. Though I can point at a couple of points where there has been a definite step or two forward, there has been a hell of a lot of shuffling back. Xenophobia and shrillness are at an all-time high, and there was never a shortage of those two things in the first place.

Truthfully, no matter what the results of today’s vote, I cannot foresee any possible future where these things will not get worse, either because the xenophobes and panic drones suddenly have power or because they were denied power.

So severing digital ties for a day and then peeking my head out of the bunker to see what remains after the fallout settles sounds best for my blood pressure. I just proved I can go offline for a month and not perish, a day should be fairly easy.

Besides, I have work to do. Still haven’t found an affordable/free HTML editor that fits my fairly proletarian/utilitarian needs (cripes, I can barely fit my head around style sheets. I miss the pragmatism of Adobe Pagemill), so I remain behind on a couple of website responsibilities.

So. I voted a week ago. I put my two cents in the political machine. I now need to focus down to the level of my life, where there’s stuff that needs doin’. The rest of you go on with yer hootin’s and hollerin’, I’ll be over here with my headphones on, swearing because I can’t change fonts. There’s some “hopey-changey” crack I could make there, but fuck it, I ain’t playing that game.

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