Life in the Hot Zone

I was going to take Friday off, but due to a shuffling of responsibilities at work, I took Thursday off instead. I had a nicely productive day at home – well, except int he realm of blogging – so no problems.

Well, except for the problems. Sick wife and child, whom I had to check in on regularly, while trying very hard not to get infected. I felt like I should have been wearing one of the condom suits from Andromeda Strain. I got to be huffy and adult when I made my wife turn off her phone because the teachers and parents from the schools she administers kept calling her every ten minutes, not allowing her any rest. The best was the mother who called because her son had a sore throat, and she wanted to know if it was strep.

The money I could have saved all these years had I just realized I had married a psychic doctor!

This morning, bereft of voice, she was going in because there’s a big field trip today, and apparently she is the only one who can drive a van. My asking, “Didn’t you hire adults?” wouldn’t have helped, so I didn’t. But good grief.

Of course, she moans, she can’t afford to get sick. And neither can I, I have an incredibly busy Saturday ahead of me. Shoot in the morning, show in the evening, just like last week, and fate seems to be conspiring to do the same thing next week. So having a wife that would be allowed to get well would be a very, very good thing, if only in the area of increasing the odds of my NOT getting sick.


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