Currently attempting to trace the Doom of Charlie Brown

Carrying around video equipment in Houston’s early morning humidity was predictably draining. I look on it as practice for the truly grueling experience coming down the pike: covering the City of Stafford’s 4th of July parade. Multi-camera, LIVE. I survived it last year. This year… will probably suck just as much, but the overtime will be nice.

From the library: I’m currently reading a bound collection of Marvel’s 1602, which retells various Marvel comic types as if they existed in – what else – the year 1602. Kind of a fun conceit, written by Neil Gaiman and drawn by Adam Kubert. I glanced at a few copies when it was in the periodical phase, and I find my reaction to it in collected form is just as cold. I seem to like the idea as an intellectual pursuit more than an actual story, which is to say I’m finding the character concepts more compelling than the story in which they appear.

A couple of trade collections, one for Batman< Dark Detective, and one for Wonder Woman, The Hiketeia, both sadly forgettable., though the Wonder Woman book has its moments. I’m also working my way through The Complete Peanuts 1950-1952, the strip’s first two years. The biggest surprise? Charlie Brown is allowed to win. Rather often, in fact. Perhaps, if I continue to check out successive volumes, I’ll find the strip where he pisses off a gypsy and becomes the eternal fall guy.

Deapite the cover, Charlie Brown is pretty happy during most of this book. Poor sap doesn't know what's coming.

Happy Father’s Day to all you dad-types out there. I’ll see y’all next week.

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