Weekends? And those are-?

Results of Lisa’s follow-up visit: she’s a mess. There needs no ghost, my lord, come from the grave to tell us this. Dosages were increased, new meds given, come back in a month. Her sugars are still high, but within a narrowing range; they’re not roller-coastering all over the place like they were before she went into the hospital.

I’d like to think fondly of the coming restful weekend, but nothing could be further from the truth. I have a meeting later this afternoon with some folks I’ve done script work for in the past, hopefully meaning there is more work in the wings. Rehearsal tonight, and a show tomorrow night. Last week’s show was canceled due to a lack of ticket sales (and a good thing, too, I guess, what with getting Lisa out of the hospital and motoring around to get prescriptions filled and picking up dinner during what would normally be show time). I’m more than a little concerned because Lisa also performs in the show, and I’m not sure if she’s physically up to it. Naturally, pushing herself to the edge and beyond is one of the things – the major thing – that got her into the hospital in the first place.

Anyway: think good thoughts for me, especially on the new work front. We still have no idea what those four days in the hospital cost, but extra money would be nice. Grocery bags full of it would be even better.