The bandages have been removed. Can you see?

In order to keep up my streak of handing over entire paychecks to corporations, I did that very thing last Friday with Verizon, attempting to get my phone and Internet turned back on. (For those that are confused: during the Recent Troubles, both were shut off so those monies could instead be funneled to the mortgage company and keep a roof over heads, so that it can be blown off by this year’s Killer Hurricanes, or so the media tells me. As ever, for sanity in hurricane reporting, I rely on the Central Florida Hurricane Center.)

Where was I before this spiralled into pointless bitching (now there’s a cogent blog title…)? Oh yes. I was setting up some pointless bitching. Well, our account had been inactive for so long, our old number had been released, blahblah blah, and after about 45 minutes I had arranged for a new account which I was told “will be up on Tuesday the 1st, because there’s a holiday, you know.” As I am attempting to be a more positive person, I did not snarl, “Yes, I know, because I am going to be home alone all day in a very quiet house!” No, there was no need for that. I had books to read. Laundry to do. It’s cool, man, it’s cool.

Well. Called the new number early yesterday morning, and it rang, and I got the robotic message from the online voice mail. Didn’t ring at my house, though, which I thought was a bit odd, but within the realm of possibility, different switches to throw, that sort of thing. Until the same thing happened when I got home. A call to the Home Office got me the Repair Service, whose tools said it seemed to be a problem with the wires outside my house, and it would be fixed by 5pm today.

I got up this morning, got a dial tone, and I’m back online. Hell, if I’d known that was all it took, I’d have taken an early nap last night.

So, yay. I am connected again, just in time to go to work and leave my sparkling new connectivity behind. I’ve got a lot of things to square away, such as finally updating the OS on the Crackberry (please let it fix that annoying browser bug, please please please), and… other stuff. I’m sure. First though, since The Boy is out on Summer Vacation, I’m going to have to dynamite him from in front of the computer.

So yeah, I feel a little ashamed of using the photo here to add a little visual pizazz to the ol’ blog entry, when overall I’m pretty satisfied. But then again, I was very, very depressed last night, and feel like lashing out. You don’t want me embedding any more clips from the Paul Lynde Halloween Special, now, do you?