If you were wondering

There is a slight possibility Lisa will be coming home today, but it’s much more likely to be tomorrow. Her blood sugars were still hovering around 300 yesterday, and I’m told by other acquaintances who have been longtime diabetics that when they get so high, it takes several days to get them back under control.

I helped her to the bathroom so she could brush her hair and teeth, and both made her feel better, but the effort completely wiped her out. She hasn’t even turned on the TV, which is probably the most worrisome thing. They finally allowed her to have food, but she’s also quite nauseous, so Jell-O 1, Lisa 0.

Still haven’t gotten my 12 hours sleep, bourbon, or pony. Did remember to take my vitamins this morning, however. Nico the Mutant Cat is constantly yelling at me that his favorite blond pillow has gone missing. Also: pug-dog banging on my door to tell me my alarm clock was going to go off in five minutes. My morning. Very tired.

LATER-THAT-DAY UPDATE: She’s still not keeping any food down, so they’re keeping her for another night.

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