Look! In the Trees! It’s Coming!

So my usual four hours of sleep got chopped down to three. Man, you’d think I was worried about something.

The sun is rising. Amazingly, the city trash pickup just happened, and I’m glad I was optimist/dick enough to put out the garbage. According to HurricaneTrack.com, there is already some wave and water rising action in Galveston.

Ike strengthened a little overnight, but is still a Category 2 hurricane.

Last night, I watched 102 Minutes that Changed America on the History Channel, which edited together 9/11 footage from a variety of video sources. I only intended to watch a bit of it, but wound up getting sucked in for the whole ride.

The really awful thing is I kept thinking “Yeah, Cloverfield got that right.”

Things still to do: Patch that loose siding. Gather up all potential projectiles and lock them away. Fill up some more water containers. Take some photos. And get some damned sleep.

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