Batten Down the Hatches, Ar.

Man, that’s a big storm.

As I write this, what are referred to as the A and B Zones in the Gulf Coast region are evacuating in advance of Hurricane Ike making landfall late Friday, early Saturday. Seems that while I got usual four hours of fitful sleep last night, Ike shifted its path northward yet again, and unless it does so some more, I’m going to be getting some eye action this weekend.

Spent the early morning trimming off some branches (a project I started Labor Day weekend, but abandoned when my @#$%! cheapass bypass trimmer snapped), filled some containers with water. Most of my other shopping was done weeks ago. A new radio, batteries and even one of those shake-it-up-and-down-powered flashlights sit by my desk.

This will be my fifth hurricane to ride out; considering the nearly five decades spent living near the Gulf Coast, that’s not too bad. In two of those, I didn’t even lose power, but 50% ain’t great odds. So I’m likely going to be losing my ability to watch crappy movies, cheat at video games, and grouse on the Internets.

I guess the local media is breathing a sigh of relief; at least this time they can’t be accused of fearmongering, nor will some poor correspondent, sweating in their rain gear, be filmed desperately stating that they heard about some flooding maybe five or six streets over, though there’s not any rain where they are… at the moment. Back to you, Bob.

See you on the other side.

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  1. Good luck, Doc! Be careful the hurricane doesn’t sneak up on you while you’re sleeping and give you a vasectomy.

  2. Uh…. yeah….…Why am I thinking it’s not the hurricane I should be worried about?

  3. I knew I should have gone with a movie reference instead of a “Family Guy” quote.

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