Had a job interview yesterday, which would be super IF I WANTED TO SELL CARS FOR A LIVING.

Yes, I put on a tie and showed up prepared and professional. Curiosity was one part of it, but I also figured I needed the practice. Chances are, I would have been hired, since I – at the very least – have good communication skills. But – hideous hours, spent on my feet (hello, again, cane), commission-based pay, a three-day training session with an up-front fee (refunded by the dealership after 90 days, but still….) all add up to uh-uh.

Also got a call from an orthopedic clinic, for something much more similar to what I had been doing – but it was part-time and had a nice 50-mile commute.

But at least I know the resume is out there and getting some results.

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  1. Wow, you’re…<>updating.<>

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