Greetings from Waterworld

Actually, if you don’t live in the Houston area, you probably missed it. Apparently the world ended today, and we were all wiped out by Eduardo.

At least, that what the media’s been trying to make us think for the last couple of days.

I saw a little rain. Nothing like the killer Allison was back a few years ago.

I’m relatively sure all this wolf-crying is going to bite us in the ass, someday. Hard.

In other schadenfreude news, you likely heard about the unencrypted laptop computer containing personal info on 33,000 customers of the “Clear” program going missing, but now it’s been found, and in the very office in which they left it. Maybe I’ve been watching too much Banacek lately, but that sure smells like a set-up to me. Just the sort of thing the wily Pole would pick up on. In between bouts of flirting with hot 70s chicks.