This is (not) so exciting

Spent yesterday from about 8AM to Noon in traffic court. Life can get tedious when your last name is near the butt end of the alphabet. The constable was really really busy that Sunday morning in July – our docket spilled over into the next, there were so many there – and many more who did not show up.

Though I have to say, compared to other such episodes in my life, it wasn’t too bad. Though I had been warned this courthouse annex was in “a bad part of town”, it wasn’t, really, and the staff was genial. They helped make the old making-the-best-of-a-bad-thing easier, and for that, I thank them.

Phone tag with a case worker from the Texas Workforce Commission finally bore fruit today, ie., we actually talked to each other. She had a few questions about my termination. Considering that I just gave Harris County my last hundred bucks, I’m hoping this will finally result in my unemployment coming through.

I hate being desperate.

My job applications have gotten a lot more scattershot, in the hope that something will shake loose. I haven’t quite gotten to the point of applying where I’m obviously unqualified, but when you find yourself reflecting on the one month back in 1993 when you used Pagemaker, and wonder if that constitutes “experience”…

Is it any wonder I’m chewing my way through Banacek? He’s the smug, successful bastard I wanted to be when I grew up. Alas, I have only three episodes left, and then my collection will be complete, as it were. I’m finding the first season better viewing, if only because the solutions to the impossible crimes are more credible than the often rococo methods of the second season.

Also missing from season one is Carlie Kirkland, played by Christine Belford. Kirkland was another insurance investigator, and was apparently conceived as a love interest for the womanizing Banacek, but the writers could never really figure out what to do with her, at one point even marrying her off to another insurance investigator. Considering that a couple of times so far in Season One, Banacek has appeared to be pretty serious about his liaisons – the Margot Kidder character in particular – the episodic nature of the series does make the investigator seem pretty cavalier about his relationships, as none of the guest stars ever return. I can see Kirkland as a counter-balance to that – not that the womanizing and parade of hot 70s chicks ever stopped.

There. I feel better now. Holding forth on subjects absolutely nobody else cares about does that for me.

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