And now, history

Something occurred to me today, during rare downtime, listening to The Ten.

The History of My Taste in Music

The 60s: “What is that crap? It’s just noise!”

The 70s: “Hey, your record’s stuck.”

The 80s: “What is this crap? That’s so gay.”

The 90s: Lived alone for most of them. That that, haters!

The 90s – 2000s, Married Version: “You listen to that? I just hear noise.”

The Present – The Office: “What is this? I swear, you bring the weirdest crap….”

“It’s Joni Mitchell, for God’s sake.”

That’s Joni Mitchell?”

“I guess you can’t write songs about Big Yellow Taxis and being a free man in Paris forever, huh?”

“Joni Mitchell. Huh.”

Tomorrow: Pat Boone’s heavy metal album. Stay tuned.

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