So it has come to my attention that Nigel Kneale has passed on to the Great Beyond. Creator of Quatermass, author of literate horror scripts, a man whose writing was of the quality to which one aspires.


Entertainment-wise, I’m finally starting to go through the second season of the new Doctor Who. Any concern I had about new Doctor David Tennant were washed away in the first five minutes of the first episode, New Earth.

The NBC series Heroes was a delightful surprise, since TV does not exactly have a stellar track record on the subject of superhero-ing – but dang if I don’t look forward to Mondays now. Sadly, I also know they’re about to hit the end of their shot episodes, since nobody films a full season’s worth of eps anymore, and I’m going to have to go without for a while.

Speaking of “going without”, the Web backlash against Lost seems to be building a good head of steam; then again, I also realize that this is the Internet, and finding something positive on chat boards is about as extraordinary as discovering your cat can whistle. Mine, for instance, cannot.

I do find myself cool upon this third season, a season the producers said would move away from “mythology” and more into “adventure”. I liked the mythology. I’ve always been more “along for the ride” on Lost, anyway, devoting very little time to theorizing, and more on “Well, i wasn’t expecting that.”; thus my sense of betrayal seems less than others. I’m willing to give the next two episodes (before they go on hiatus) a shot before using phrases involving “jumping” and “sharks”, but… it’s been a while since the show has made me say, “Well, I wasn’t expecting that…”


  1. The best thing about Heroes is that they seem to have realized where their strengths are, and focused on them. So this most recent episode had no scenes with the politician, one with the Indian scientist, and a bunch with the cheerleader and, more importantly, the Japanese guys. Hell, they should just change the name of the show to Hiro.

  2. Such a shame about Nigel Kneale. “Quatermas and the Pit” remains the very model of an excellent science-fiction/horror story with actual ideas.

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