New Day Dawning #5,908,623

Nah, I got nothing pithy to say. Except I’ve always preferred it when the legislative and the executive branch were not owned by the same company.

I actually kind of missed voting against Tom DeLay. Wistuflly, I wish I’d had the chance to do it one last time.

Still don’t totally trust electronic voting. It wasn’t as bad as last election, though, when I was only voting on a few propositions, and still felt like I was somehow voting for George W. Bush for President.

Color me cynical. Cuz I am. Therefore, I’m a little surprised that a couple of guys I voted for actually won. I was just about ready to dip my toe into the lucrative waters of extortion, since my vote over the last seven years has been a speeding bullet into the heart of any political hopeful.

I don’t watch much TV, therefore I missed most of the negative campaigning, although I did come home daily to find several instances of the Two-Minute Hate downloaded to my answering machine. Did you know that Liberal Democrats are out to destroy the world? I had no idea, so I guess I’m not as cynical as I thought.

Also, I derive no special joy from pressing “Delete” whenever a message began “This is President George W. Bush…”. Which totally surprised me.