Then again…

Well… I wasn’t expecting that.


So it has come to my attention that Nigel Kneale has passed on to the Great Beyond. Creator of Quatermass, author of literate horror scripts, a man whose writing was of the quality to which one aspires.


Entertainment-wise, I’m finally starting to go through the second season of the new Doctor Who. Any concern I had about new Doctor David Tennant were washed away in the first five minutes of the first episode, New Earth.

The NBC series Heroes was a delightful surprise, since TV does not exactly have a stellar track record on the subject of superhero-ing – but dang if I don’t look forward to Mondays now. Sadly, I also know they’re about to hit the end of their shot episodes, since nobody films a full season’s worth of eps anymore, and I’m going to have to go without for a while.

Speaking of “going without”, the Web backlash against Lost seems to be building a good head of steam; then again, I also realize that this is the Internet, and finding something positive on chat boards is about as extraordinary as discovering your cat can whistle. Mine, for instance, cannot.

I do find myself cool upon this third season, a season the producers said would move away from “mythology” and more into “adventure”. I liked the mythology. I’ve always been more “along for the ride” on Lost, anyway, devoting very little time to theorizing, and more on “Well, i wasn’t expecting that.”; thus my sense of betrayal seems less than others. I’m willing to give the next two episodes (before they go on hiatus) a shot before using phrases involving “jumping” and “sharks”, but… it’s been a while since the show has made me say, “Well, I wasn’t expecting that…”