Yep. gone for a while again. And not by choice.

Almost two weeks ago, my broadband ceased to function. Should I name names? Roadrunner. Only broadband available in my hinterland.

They assured me a technician will be by to assist me. Next Monday. That date was set when the Net went bye bye. Nearly two weeks ago.

At least they’ve credited me for this downtime. I will give them that.

But my world has gotten… very small, of late. Of course, this happened just as I discovered a world of websites dedicated to posting whole albums of long out-of-print and obscure 60’s vinyl; stuff like the legendary Kak album, the live album of H.P. Lovecraft (the band, not the author), Dantelion’s Chariot. Unable to update 50 Foot DVD, which had been pretty regular, of late.

And I’ve not been able to play City of Heroes, the game that was arguably keeping me sane. Well, I am still rather sane, so perhaps that wasn’t the case at all. I have cleaned my home office. Interviewing for a new, hopefully less crazy-making job tomorrow. Could there be a correlation?

But after Monday… dammit I am downloading some acid rock while my tanker busts Freakshow heads. Or there will be hell to pay. Correlations be damned.


  1. Just good to have you back, Freex. Remember to let God sort ’em out.

  2. Does that mean we can’t still shoot ’em all?

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