Summer. Phoo.

I was told that Summer is a crazy time for dentistry. That made little sense to me at the time, but I have found that it is true. Kids out of school = OMG get them to the dentist when we don’t have to get them out of class, or something. We’re currently booked up through the first week in July, for pity’s sake… and that’s just the scheduled cleanings, fillings, root canals, und so weiter. Getting emergencies in involves quite a bit of triage, diplomacy, prior experience with Tetris, and sometimes just being a bastard.

Probably no wonder that I come home late in the evening muttering about “Frickin’ people and their frickin’ teeth…” Smaller wonder that when I log onto City of Heroes for my catharsis, my avatar, whilst kicking villainous butt, can be heard screaming “I bet you have teeth too, don’t you? DON’T YOU???!!!”

But why dwell on this, past the fact that my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last week, which means that I, too, am staring the half-century mark in the face, and still have not achieved the great things for which I was destined?

Ah, screw it. Let’s talk about music.

As I mentioned earlier, my broadband cratered just I was finding a large world of vinyl share sites in the Blogosphere. These hardy obsessed souls rip and clean up audio files from out of print records and make them available, usually on the site, with which I was familiar from my obsession with Datajunkie. The only trouble with Rapidshare is that, of course, they’re trying to turn a profit, and would really like you to purchase an account there. If not, you’re limited to one download every hour or so. Fair enough. If I were serious about this, I would plop down the $12 or so (9.90 euros for one month), but I’m still paying for that new air conditioner.


Through these sites I have lucked back upon music I thought lost forever (to paraphrase Roger Zelazny, enemies don’t steal your records, friends do), like Black Mass by Lucifer… Lucifer being one Mort Garson, in one of the first and best purely electronic albums. In fact, it is through these sites that I’ve found that Garson produced some other memorable albums.

Indeed, if I have found out anything, it’s that I will never have enough time to listen to all the music I want. I made that realization about movies a long time ago, too, so I’m in for some serious frustration.


lelebelle is a good place to start. The link is the January archive, which is particularly awesome.

Garden of Delights
is aptly named.

For sheer length and breadth of postings, it is hard to beat Time Traveller at this point.

And, if you are so inclined, simply peruse the links at each of these sites; your journey will be long and – hopefully – fruitful.