On a somewhat less-sullen note…

If you haven’t been perusing Datajunkie, and are at all interested in pop culture… well, you should. People interested in what my childhood looked like, for instance, should click over to the entry that reprints the Outer Limits trading cards. i had all but one of the damned things before they stopped production, and since I was the only one in my small town who collected them (that I knew of, anyway), never had a chance to trade. And now, in the far-flung future, I have no idea which card was missing. Ah, well. Enjoy.


  1. I assume you know about Pop Culture Junk Mail, and X-E Entertainment. I’m kicking myself for giving away a stack of old video watchdogs a friend gave me.

  2. The cards probably show up on eBay, and what’s money for if not eBay?Datajunkie rules.

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