More on Hell-Rider

Juat a quick heads-up for the five or six of you who read my piece on the 1971 “Now” super hero, Hell-Rider, and wondered what the hell that was all about:

The marvelous Datajunkie today posted a PDF scan of the first issue of that time capsule. This scene is pretty heavy, dude, so don’t get bummed by what’s coming down. Or something like that.


  1. Oh man as Gas-s-s-s was my favorite film of bfest I will definitely have to take a break and go to the library, my piece of crap computer can’t handle that many frames unfortunately.

  2. I remember reading that on the BMMR (when it walked among the living) and thinking, “Wow. Ross Andru! Lines around the head when emoting.”I think I was reader number seven, so you can up the tally.

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