Epic, I tell you

I drop the cloaking device to let you know something: I have, over the last few months, filled up a bookmark folder with various Web comics I find I must visit daly, or at least three times a week. Currently, I cannot wait to get home and check out Achewood (a big tip of the Freex motley to BChasm). The current storyline, involving something called The Great Outdoor Fight, is epic and compelling; it should be a multi-million dollar movie featuring Mel Gibson, but that would cheapen it.

And oh yeah, Happy Valentine’s Day, you saps.


  1. Achewood is one of those things that, when I discovered it, was more than entertainment; it was like (in a different context) discovering the works of Rene Magritte, B.Kliban, or David Lynch.<>Here is someone who thinks like me. And while I didn’t have<> these <>thoughts, I can see where I <>might<> have had them.<>Achewood’s my first stop every day, even the weekends when I know there ain’t gonna be one. (If you read Achewood and don’t get it, the archives are invaluable.)I drop by <>here<> quite often, too, and am always glad to see new content.

  2. NO! You’re not going to get me hooked on yet another comic! Not again! Not….aw crap.(Well, Anywhere But Here was my addiction for five months. Another weekend lost reading archives….)

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