Hey there

Yeah, I’m still alive. Remember that thing I have about not saying anything if I have nothing to say? Sure, I had a thing or two to say in the recent past, but I also hate whining, and trust me – I would have been whining.

The end of this month should close out a two-month running battle with my local power company – which, of course, began just in time for the Christmas season. This culminated in an evening last week when I came home to a dark house, a pissed-off wife and a dismayed child. When enquiring of the phone drone why I had dropped over a grand in the past month to my energy overlords and still had the result stay the same as if I had kept the money for myself… well, they had managed to misplace one of those payments, but it mysteriously turned up just after the disconnect notice was issued, so I should have power back by 9 o’clock that evening.

For 9 o’clock that evening, please read in 24-48 hours.

All this was exacerbated by a week in which my bank, for reasons unknown even to them, froze my account for a week (a week in which another of these exorbitant payments was to be siphoned out, of course). When confronted about this, the bank officer admitted there was no good reason for it, there was no way to rescind it for another 48 hours, muttered something about the Patriot Act, and shuffled his feet uncomfortably.

I wish I was kidding about the Patriot Act in that last paragraph.

There are some bright spots in there, somewhere. Um. Err…

Uh… the cats managed to drop Max’s Game Boy Advance into water (snickering like Muttley the whole time, I’m sure), rendering it in operable, and I managed to get it running again.

There. That ended everything on a up note, dinnit?


  1. Well, it’s nice to see you’re alive and well. Would it improve your mood if I do this? [Makes complicated facial expression.] Ha ha, see, I’m like Tor Johnson or his cousin or something.I’ve been reading the Bad Movie Report stuff over the last few days. Good stuff. Hope there’ll be more someday.

  2. I am actually working on something, provided I don’t suddenly shriek, “Garbage! It’s all garbage!” and try to tear it up. Luckily, hard to do when it is on an expensive computer monitor.Going back to an earlier comment – Tim, Destrukto got his Assault Bot, and it is my new favorite drug.

  3. Well of course they froze your bank account Doc. The Patriot Act expressly forbids any funding of terrorist organizations, and since your “power company” doesn’t provide you with any power, anyone can see that it’s just a money laundering scheme.

  4. Yeah, that account has laundered literally <>tens<> of dollars…

  5. I’d start getting some cash to carry a blank notebook and a symbolic compass, I think with steps like these you’re going to awaken to find you identity erased and therefore must go on the run from town to town, helping out those in need and always one step ahead of shadowy forces. Oh and what did you think of my Brain that Wouldn’t Die Review?

  6. The only thing better than Fist of Telstar at level 26 is Fist of Telstar at level 32, when he got napalm missiles.Not kidding. NAPALM. MISSILES. For my death robot. It’s like they made this whole game for me and everybody else is just coincidentally enjoying it.

  7. Juniper, I am an effing moron and the review sits unread on my hard drive. Cuz I’m a moron. And an ungrateful moron, at that. I will do better by you this weekend. Honest.(and then he puts the lie to the previous statement) Tim – yes, I am wanting the incindiary missiles for the Gank-O-Matic 5000 soonest. Must… stop… playing… alts!There was a reason I avoided MMORPGs for years, and this is it.

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