Epic, I tell you

I drop the cloaking device to let you know something: I have, over the last few months, filled up a bookmark folder with various Web comics I find I must visit daly, or at least three times a week. Currently, I cannot wait to get home and check out Achewood (a big tip of the Freex motley to BChasm). The current storyline, involving something called The Great Outdoor Fight, is epic and compelling; it should be a multi-million dollar movie featuring Mel Gibson, but that would cheapen it.

And oh yeah, Happy Valentine’s Day, you saps.

More on Hell-Rider

Juat a quick heads-up for the five or six of you who read my piece on the 1971 “Now” super hero, Hell-Rider, and wondered what the hell that was all about:

The marvelous Datajunkie today posted a PDF scan of the first issue of that time capsule. This scene is pretty heavy, dude, so don’t get bummed by what’s coming down. Or something like that.