Oooh, Anticlimactic

Yes, I’m still standing, so is my house, so is my neighborhood. I got a little wind, some rain. Did not lose power, which was a considerable surprise and relief. The worst effect was no sleep, as the wife did not feel safe sleeping upstairs, and I attempted to get some rest in my amazingly comfortable recliner – but it ain’t no bed, and the animals were severely freaked.

In all – we dodged a large bullet.

To get everyone’s mind off the approaching hurricane, I rectified a terrible error – my son was only familiar with the prequels, so we watched Star Wars (none of this “Episode IV” nonsense in this household). Despite his moans of “I don’t need to watch this, I’ve played the video game,” (damnfool kids!) he enjoyed himself very much.

Most of the sleepless night was spent watching a movie on my notebook, employing my noise-cancelling headphones (when I wan’t using my wireless network to keep up on the storm, that is). No, I didn’t break out The Bela Lugosi Collection as promised – though I need to – instead, I went for full-bore escapism and watched Troy instead. I found it surprisingly entertaining, even if these scions of Gladiator feel their progenitor’s need to rewrite history. Very well cast. I definitely recommend it if you’re waiting to get hammered by a hurricane – not a drop of rain anywhere in its dusty climes.

Thanks to the modern miracle that is bitTorrent, I didn’t miss last night’s episode of Threshold after all. I think the series is developing nicely, and will hopefully get to watch it next week in its native environs.

Now I have some crimefighting to catch up on. I’m sure all my non-Houston based City of Heroes compatriots have become gods in my absence.


  1. I’m not sure what Rita has to do with the price of tea in China, but what do i know.

  2. Glad to hear you came out okay, Doctor.

  3. Which version of Star Wars did you show your son? The original or an adulterated edition?Miss you back at BMMB, btw.

  4. On the positive side, XP debt is reduced and XP rewards have been increased. You’ll be able to catch up with your godlike friends somewhat more easily.

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