The Cliche Before the Storm

Damn but that’s a big storm.

The preparations are all but finished – the last-minute stuff like taking a shower to cleanse off the rancidity of the last couple of days and filling the bathtubs thereafter still remain. The ache in every one of my injured joints is palpable now, seemingly radiating out from my body in pulses. Good thing I buy ibuprofen(tm) in bulk, since I haven’t seen an open store in two days.

I’ve mentioned before this isn’t my first hurricane. It is, however, the first time I’ve witnessed the ghost town effect.

There are still people stuck on the highways. I think back to yesterday when I was hearing , over and over again, that the evacuation was a success. Successful in that the low lying zones near the coast have emptied out, I suppose, but look for a lot of argument in the weeks to come about what a dog’s breakfast the situation on the evacuation routes has become.

I’m a nasty, vile little cynic, so there are two thoughts uppermost in my mind: in case of an actual terrorist attack, we are so screwed, and I truly believe the sound I keep hearing in the background is coming from the heads of many oil company executives, and that sound is ka-ching ka-ching ka-ching. I filled up Wednesday morning, and that paltry 10 gallons may have to last us a very long time. And when we are able to get more gas, it will likely be over $4.00 a gallon.

But these are things I will only say in this space, as my family deserves my brightest, bravest face. I called my parents, about 100 miles inland, on Tuesday night, just to talk to someone who wasn’t looking to me for guidance. My misgivings were much stronger earlier in the week, because if life has taught me anything, it’s that I have the amazing capacity to be wrong. Unfolding events have proven me right so far, but like everyone else in the region – damn, will I be glad when this is behind us.

Everything done, my wife and our neighbor are downstairs, watching Because of Winn-Dixie in this lull. I’ve put dinner in the slow cooker, enough for a couple of days if need be. I’ll probably be watching my new Bela Lugosi Collection this evening for a little escapism (looks like I won’t be watching the next episode of Threshold – all local stations are too busy saying the same damn thing over and over again, ie., “DOOOOOOOOOOOOOM stay tuned DOOOOOOOOOOM!“).

See ya on the other side,
– Freeman


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