Life Goes On (Long After the Thrill, etc., etc.)

The kittens continue in their bid to take over the household; they now have full run over 3/4 of the house, with only the occasional “accident”. No, that is the province of the older animals, who have taken to expressing their jealousy in the best way they know to get a rise out of us: crapping in unsanctioned areas.

I am happy to report, however, that the Power Pug Princess has learned to be gentle while playing with the new additions, and it’s actually rather fun to watch the kitties chase her from room to room. Until she forgets herself and drops back into bulldog wrasslin’ mode, anyway.

I didn’t mention that I finished Jeff Lindsay’s Darkly Dreaming Dexter – yes, it ended up the way I’d figured, but that didn’t stop it from being a fun read. Still feeling slightly guilty because I’m not reading to improve my mind, I’m now in the throes of Douglas Preston & Lincoln Childs’ latest, Brimstone. I wasn’t sure if I’d get into it, at first – after the immersive playfulness of Lindsay’s novel, the style of Brimstone seemed rather dry, but it has turned out to be a page-turner of the highest order, the type of book I actively resent having to put down to work, eat and sleep.

The first chapter helps a lot, with the discovery of a locked room murder mystery: the victim has barricaded himself inside a windowless bedroom, and is discovered with a look of total horror and agony on his face, a goodly portion of his chest burned away, and scorched into the carpet at the foot of the bed: a single cloven hoofprint.

I am, of course, interested in checking out more by this writing team after I finish this one, especially since the events in past books are referred to often enough to make them intriguing. It turns out these are the guys who wrote Relic, which was turned into a typically bland Peter Hyams movie. (I will say, however that the casting of Tom Sizemore as NYPD detective Vincent D’Agosta is brilliant) Like a lot of horror novels that glutted the market post-Exorcist or Omen, I ignored that one. Now I’m trying to track down a used copy.

Bought my tickets to Revenge of the Sith yesterday. My son is far more excited to see it than I. O, to what a pass we have come!


  1. You know, you could rent <>The Relic<> and the Alec Baldwin version of <>The Shadow<>, and have a “Penelope Ann Miller Plays a Character Named Margo” Double Feature.I imagine I’ll see Sith in the theatre too, but I’m honestly not looking forward to it. Sigh.

  2. No, no, it was good! <>Sith<> was the best Star Wars movie in <>twenty years<>!

  3. I concur.I’ve always wanted to say that.I’m still buzzed by it, and I’m one of those types that enjoyed the previous two prequels (don’t hit! don’t hit!)

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