Fast Sunday Notes

Okay. I play City of Heroes a lot. The first Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game to appeal to me (I’m a terrific wizard, but those days are long behind me). You get to be a superhero, for crying out loud, and I still get a tremendous rush out of beating the hell out of a purse snatcher even when I don’t get any experience points out of it. Take that, scumbag!

But there’s not a whole lot of memorable music in the game. I finally turned the in-game music off and left my Live 365 player running in the background on a favorite station. Sometimes the music was awesomely appropriate; other times, of course, it was not. So I switched to Winamp, playing my very own preselected playlist. Much better, except that when I said cryptic things like “Music says KILL!” in game chat, nobody could know what I was talking about. I had spread te gospel of Winamp to others, but of course there was no way to sync up everyone’s playlists. We’re still experimenting with Shoutcast, but that’s a little tricky – running a Shoutcast off one of the player’s computers has some side-effects (not to mention whiney comments from other players about “Winamp crashed my computer” and “I can’t get it to work!” Never mind that I’ve been using Winamp for years and never had a lick of trouble from it – some people feel they’re not contributing if they’re not complaining). One such side effect is the Shoutcaster has to consciously turn on the cast, and when he shuts down for the evening, goodbye Shoutcast.

What is all this leading up to? Proving life is a circle, I went back to Live 365 and started my own station, CoH Overdrive. Still converting and populating the playlist, but if you ever wanted to know what kind of music I listen to, here’s a fair indicator.

Speaking of superheroes, the review for Elektra is up. Have a good rest of the weekend.

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  1. Wow, Pressurehed! I thought I was the only one who had heard of them. (Other than the band members, I suppose.)

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