Huh? What th-?

It has been one of those weeks, the week where you are suddenly aware that 7 days have passed, but you have no idea what just happened.

Well, I have a few suspicions. I do know, for instance, that last Saturday Chris Holland and his wife, Christina, dropped by to ooh and aah at the kittens and, not coincidentally, go see Revenge of the Sith with a fellow nerd. Then there was a LAN party, and then… things get murky.

Because I realize the entire world is holding its breath for my pronouncement on Sith: it didn’t suck. In fact, I may have liked it. The Anakin/Padme scenes were limited and not too horrible (shame that Christensen and Portman have zero chemistry, though). The FX were stunning. For once, Lucasfilm presented us with an archvillain who was not killed with little fanfare after minimal screen time, proving Darth Maul was not a fluke. The fight scene with General Grievous, in fact, kicked total butt. The final duel between Anakin and Obi-Wan was pretty satisfying, given that we’ve been waiting twenty-five years to see it and build up our expectations.

But. If you’re going to trumpet a big Wookiee battle scene in all the publicity, you better give me a big Wookiee battle scene. And, we all knew how things were going to end; that’s a tough row to hoe, and Lucas was almost completely successful in keeping it interesting despite that problem.

I really do know where a lot of that week went. Extensive use of my beloved notebook has given rise to heat problems, and my wife needs her own computer to attend to her work, so I bought a new desktop computer, and at least one day has been sacrificed to getting that beast up to speed. More will have to be done; the most thorny problem facing me now is the new puter’s apparent inability to recognize a graphics card. More and more I appreciate the Necronomicon, which worked out of the box beautifully. More importantly, City of Heroes worked out of the box on it beautifully.

The animals are now playing well together. Except that the white kitten has developed a fondness for dog food, which has led to an inevitable tiff over the dinner bowl. Pugzilla has been remarkably tolerant, but even her tiny walnut brain is starting to feel some resentment.

Speaking of resentment, this is the last day of school here. The shattering of my quiet workdays begins….. now.


  1. Wookiee battle, smookiee battle. Yoda decapitating clone troopers two at a time is worth ten Wookiee battles.

  2. Bail Organa is the smoothest guy in the galaxy next to Lando, in my book…

  3. Lando’s got nothing on him, actually.General Grevious’s four arms made the movie for me. Also, butt-kicking yoda AND R2D2!

  4. You know, I don’t care if you have four arms, you shouldn’t be fighting Jedis with a cough like that.

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