The Real Problem

…is when I have nothing to say, I don’t say it.

I mean, even if what I have to say is utterly asinine, stupid, or inevitably embarassing to me in the future, I’ll generally say it. But I really hate people who talk to hear their head rattle, as my sainted grandpa used to say. Ergo, my long bouts of silence.

But I did finish the Incredibles review. Let the rejoicing begin.


  1. I don’t have anything to say either. But that was a nice review.Oh wait, you forgot to mention the music. Great James-Bondish stuff.

  2. I like pie. My lamp is white. Typing is hard.

  3. I’m Bat-Man.

  4. Oh, the music. Yes, it’s very cool – so cool I made a special effort to track down the CD (surprisingly difficult, too). But I also have to stop talking about the movie eventually and post, you know? I already knew the extras section was going to be seemingly eternal…

  5. I wish someone would invent a staple remover that really works.

  6. I’m just glad they didn’t get Randy Newman again. Not that there’s anything wrong with Randy Newman, there’s just nothing all that memorable about his scores.<>Red headed lady, Reaching for an apple.Gonna take a bite, nope, nope.She gonna breathe on it first,wipe it on her blouse.She takes a bite.Chews it once,twice,three times, four times, stops!Saliva workin’, takes a hard long look at Randy…five times.Fat old husband walking over.<>

  7. A comment.

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