And In Today’s Meeting….

“What I’m concerned about is getting from the cinematics into the games.”

“Well, that’s Freeman’s department.”

“You mean the games that haven’t been invented yet.”

“I’m sure that your transitions will give us some sort of indicator of where to go.”

“In other words, you want me to take you from Point A to Point B without having any idea of where Point B is even located.”

“That’s your genius.”

(Lengthy pause)

“Do I have to start shooting you guys?”


  1. You just can’t take a compliment.

  2. Could shooting the guys count as one of the games?

  3. I say….go with it.Make Point B so completely illogical that even a five year old could see the implausibility. If they buy it, then you’ll realize yer dealing with idiots and the writing becomes easier…Example: Protagonist has to shoot five enemies to reach the Boss.Then, after three of the five are dispatched…. he dons a chicken suit and starts to do “the Hustle”…

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