I’m Baaaack

And what better way to celebrate my return from B-Fest than to take a rather useless movie quiz (via a posting from Prawn Bites) to discover that my favorite kind of movie is:

You scored as Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Depending on the movie this might not deserve a “Congratulations”, but you’re interested in the future and imaginary worlds far from your own. You probably wish you could be somebody else, or live in one of the worlds from your favourite movies. Check out: Lord of the Rings, Spiderman, Star Wars, The Matrix.

Mindless Action Flick
Sadistic Humour
Romantic Comedy

Movie Recommendation.

created with QuizFarm.com

Also, as far as my previous whinging about B-Fest and my fear of crowds: Thanks to cool heads prevailing among the staff of A&O Films, the place never seemed crowded, and even if it had, I should have realized: I was among friends, and that makes all the difference in the world.


  1. I scored as Mindless Action Flick, but that’s more a “for this instant” thing, not a constant state of mind.

  2. I got “Artistic.” Man, no wonder all the movies I like are terrible.

    Speaking of B-Fest, I don’t want to put any pressure on you or nothin’, but we would like you to tell us about it. Rather at length, in fact.

  3. I do believe Freeman is trying to give us the warm fuzzies.

    Time to bring up Forever Evil again…

  4. By the way, if you’re wondering why your sidebar is suddenly down at the bottom (if you’re using Internet Explorer), you can blame Carrie-Ann Moss. I had the same problem when I posted two horizontal pics side by side.

  5. Well, I did mess with that a little in an attempt to not screw up my template (one day I’ll redo the whole shebang so I can link to people… @#! templates). And I’m using Firefox with a widescreen monitor, so I remain blissfully ignorant of whatever indignities I inflict on the rest of the world.

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