Yow! They Did It To Me Again!

I have to look at it this way – very few people get typecast as Satan and then get to write their own speeches.

I also now know the answer to “What happens when you work yourself into a state of fatigue, don’t eat right, and constantly forget to take your vitamins, because you’re not as young as you used to be, you know.” (Wait, that ended up not being a question…)

Somewhere in there, with the illness and the work, I sacrificed a morning to the god of parenthood, being interviewed by a diagnostician to determine if my son is truly ADD or if I’m just old and curmudgeonly. We already know he’s dyslexic, so I’m leaning toward the “I’m not that old” end of the equation.

B-Fest reminisces must return soon, before I forget them entirely.

And, oh yeah, you can blame my pal Dave for pointing out to me – repeatedly and relentlessly – that City of Heroes was on sale at Best Buy.