Quick Catch-Up

I’m working semi-feverishly, trying to get all my work-related writing done (or at least this phase of it) by the weekend of the 18th so I can take a week off for Christmas travel with a clear conscience. Don’t think I’ll quite make it, especially since I came home today to find my wife vomiting in the downstairs bathroom, and I’ll be pretending I’m a single parent (with one surprisingly mature and very sick child along with the standard six-year-old) for the next couple of days.

Not to mention that Half-Life 2 is teh awesom. As the young folk say.

In a mad attempt at writing something not related to nutrition or video games, I’ve put up a review for the bizarre Indonesian horror movie, Mystics in Bali, at my other endeavor, The Bad Movie Report. If you see only one movie about a woman’s head flying around with its entrails hanging below, looking for newborn babies to eat, this should probably be the one. Or maybe Polar Express, which I think is the same thing.

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