Holiday Gift Guide, Part One (and hopefully only)

Lightning Reaction – Shocking Game of Skill was found, appropriately enough, at Apparently one of a series, as there is a special deal if you buy Lightning Reaction along with its companion game, Shock Roulette. It’s like that video game the Bond villain had in Never Say Never Again, only horribly, horribly real.

It’s not all destructive lawsuits-waiting-to-happen, though. Stupid also sells a nifty zero blaster that will work very well in the retro SF movie I plan to make. And believe it or not, I’ve been looking for one of these for a couple of years now.


  1. Oh! Oh oh oh! The Zero Blaster is a takeoff on a fifty-year-old toy that my son always drools over in a raygun photo book I have. Do I have any money left in the gift-buying budget…?

  2. Wow, I hope you do. And get a photo of the look on his face when he opens it!

  3. Making a movie, eh? Hm. If a person could, say, pay for his own ticket to Texas, could a person maybe have a shot at appearing in said movie? Or working on it?

    Just curious.

  4. Chances are, I should write the damn thing before we make any plans. But as I have already made the decision that all teenagers in my movie will be at least 30 years old, sure, you’ve got a role when it finally gets underway.

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