Just In Case You Still Thought Congress was Working FOR You…

File this under “Unenforceable”, but keee-rist. What legislator thought sponsoring this bill was a wise political move?

NBC 17 – Consumer Watch – Bill Could Criminalize Fast-Forwarding DVD Ads, Trailers

If this turns out to be a hoax picked up by a legit new source, like the recent “Renaming I-69” incident, color my face red. But it doesn’t speak well of things in the capitol if folks find such stories plausible enough to publish.


  1. Looks pretty legit, if a bit more complicated than that article makes it sound.


  2. I knew I liked John McCain for a reason.

    And I still want to know how they intend to enforce it.

  3. I know this comment is a little outdated, but I just have to ask: what are we going to do when they make it illegal to go to the bathroom during commercial breaks?

  4. Ah yes, the legislation backed by the powerful adult diaper lobby…

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