Good Guys Win: Film at 11

Small victories do not make the evening news, but they are what makes life bearable.

1. In an hour, I should be signing off on my re-financing. I’ve groused about this a bit over at my Bad Movie Report 7th Anniversary Column, but it looks like it is finally coming to pass. Unless, like last time, we will get into the parking lot and receive a phone call telling us there are “issues”.

2. Sean Hannity has been banished back to the bowels of Hell. Well, not really; he has been moved from an afternoon slot on the local news radio station to a similar slot on another AM station, which also hosts Rush Limbaugh and, I guess, any number of other right-wing pundits. I would like to thank the liberal-controlled media for doing something for me, for a change.

3. God, I’m such a sap. Last Saturday, in 9 Chickweed Lane, uber-geek Amos finally kissed Edda. Today, in a continuation of that storyline, she returned the kiss with interest. It’s amazing (and, no doubt, a bit pathetic) how much a simple comic strip has brightened up my day.

Your regularly scheduled wailing and gnashing of teeth will resume tomorrow.