I Thought You Wrote About Movies

Nah, I do that in my other endeavors.

No, honest to God, I had hoped this would be anything but a blogging of political screeds. There are more than enough of those, and they’re better written, to boot. But if I’m going to write about movies, I feel like it needs to be over at my other ventures, since people like, you know, read those. Far as I know, I’m still the only one reading this.

So. Two political thoughts. I hope getting these out of my head will allow me to move on to better, less irritating, more trivial things. Both of these thoughts allow me to unknot my entrails over the next four years.

First: historically, second terms suck for incumbent presidents. Nixon and Clinton both went through hell, and even the demigod Reagan (whose claim to godlike reverence still eludes me) faced increased opposition. However, since the media are apparently a bunch of cowed lap dogs at the moment (attack dogs in the case of Fox), this may only be half a straw I’m clutching. Which brings us to the second thought:

I now have four more years to achieve one of my great dreams, being the first person to punch out Bill O’Reilly or Anne Coulter on live TV.

‘Cause, you know, liberals are the party of hate.