The Strange Business of Not Being Able To Do Work

I voted yesterday, thus renewing my license to complain for another year. I love voting early. No lines, no waiting, and since I choose fairly out-of-the-way venues, no organized harassment of voters. Yet.

Or, as I put it then:

Though honestly, now that I have the new computer, I have much better things to do than watch TV, even if I was digging the new Hawaii Five-O.  The better things to do should include catching up on my writing, but I’m still cursing incompatible software and searching for replacements. I’ll be trying a new open-source graphics editor tonight, and hopefully it will allow me to carry on in peace.

Mainly: trying to find an open-source (ie., hopefully free) HTML editor so I can go back to writing reviews. I’m familiar enough with simple HTML that I could likely muddle through using a text editor and a template, but I like looking at a WYSIWYG image and pretending it’s a sheet of digital paper that I have magically conjured, complete with images. More plainly, dealing with my text in-between tags makes my head hurt.

I seem to recall taking a week to get back up to speed the last couple of times I did a forced upgrade. I mean, Good God, I got a copy of Plants vs. Zombies for my birthday, and I haven’t even played a full stage of it yet. Likely because I realize if I really let it get a hold, I’ll be playing it for hours. See also Angry Birds, which has killed my Droid battery a couple of times.

Strange days, indeed.

Archeology Solitaire

So. I’ve taken a couple of trash bag’s worth of stuff out of my crowded office and placed them by the curb. They’ve been taken to tsotchke Valhalla or wherever the garbage truck takes such things. So far, no real tragedies or instances of “Oh crap I really need that now!” Then again, my experience is that such things take a week or so to occur, when the disposal of the material is really, truly permanent.

Eventually I hope to carry this crusade into the office closet, which contains stuff so old, it will seem as if it is from another civilization, I am sure. Then I can move my video workstation – which has lain  pretty much fallow the last few year – up against the closet itself, enforcing a Cask of Amontillado-style fate for the stuff that remains in said closet, but will open up a good deal of room around my desk, and even grant access to a bookshelf that is currently closed off. And I need that bookshelf.

The triage of stuff that goes into the trash bag isn’t as brutal as it should be, but more draconian that I usually manage in such instances. There’s a lot more “Why the hell did I ever think I’d need this?” and less tolerance for obsolete technology. But dammit, I am still keeping that folding keyboard for the Handspring Visor because I think it looks cool. The extension cord for Playstation I controllers? Not so much. I also seem to have less tolerance for my own sentimentality these days.

Another trash day tomorrow, another purge tonight, dusting as I go. Yum, dust.

Man, the crap I get up to when I don’t have a computer.

Up 'n at 'em, my minions of horror!

List of Horrors

1) Nothing like waking up and discovering some idiot has exploited a security flaw in Twitter and rendered their web interface unusable.

2) Time to check out that Hootsuite people keep talking about.

3) The wireless mike I used on the Saturday shoot was futzing out intermittently, making this a bitch to edit.

4) Not trusting that newfangled crap again.

5) My wife wants me to sub for one of her teachers afternoons this week.

6) The reason I didn’t go into education is They won’t allow you to shoot one of the kids the first day to show the others you mean business.

7) I had my regular breakfast and I’m still hungry.

8) No way this ends well.

Tremors in my Force

Koike and Kojima’s Path of the Assassin is just as good as I’d hoped it would be. I’m taking it slowly, as I only have the first two books, and won’t be able to hit the library to get more until next Tuesday, at the earliest. Utilizing the system’s on line catalog, I see where I can get up to volume 6, but the others are either on hold or “under review”. Until about vol. 12 of 15, when they open up again. Stuff of this quality is worth waiting for.

Disturbing thingie of the day, yesterday: friend of mine from way back int heater days posted photos on Facebook of a show we did back in 1984, a dismal production of Joe Orton’s What the Butler Saw. It simply wasn’t any good, universally savaged, I was complete shit, blah blah blah. One of the photos though, gave me pause, thinking Who the heck is that? And then the realization: Holy crap, that’s me!

Yep. Quarter of a century ago. I had been on a diet which worked pretty well, but the most important part of the puzzle was that my day job involved eight hours of physical labor a day in a two-story warehouse with no elevator or air conditioning. In short, I was down to probably my best weight ever, about 130-140 pounds. My head looks huge.

I also had an astounding amount of hair.

There’s not much in the plans for this weekend. I won’t get to see the previews for my wife’s shows; Sunday is sold out and, although I wasn’t going to have a show Saturday, a group called in asking if one was possible, so now I do have work Saturday, thank the Lord. I paid the August electric bill last night, producing a sound in my bank account not unlike the formation of a black hole.

Oh, wait, there was another disturbing thing:  while scanning the local news sites for story leads, I found one about a reported incident of masturbation at a local movie theater. The story only indicates that this took place in “theater #17”, but not what movie was playing there. Pulling up the theater’s schedule, I had many comical possibilities, like Nanny McPhee or Toy Story 3, but after that? I guess the best possibilities are Eat Pray Love, or Salt? Then you get into the really disturbing possibilities, like Piranha or The Expendables.

At least, for the sake of my sanity, Machete hadn’t opened yet.

Minor Triumphs and Pointless Bitching

Bit more mobile today. Only need the cane to get up and get moving. Things loosen up from there.

No show this weekend – grumble grumble – I kinda need that money for my trip to Dallas later this month.

Well, we’re still getting together to work some stuff. That will pay a little, though not as much as a full-fledged show.

Visiting my parents Sunday. It’s been way too long.

Saw Despicable Me yesterday. Very cute. Very sweet. I was actually impressed by some of the 3-D work.

Our Humble Narrator Prepares To Go To The Kitchen For A Nice Diet Coke

I have a brief shoot tomorrow morning. I’ll need that footage in the Fall, so the temptation to just sleep in must be fought.

It was less than two months ago I went to the Verizon store, having been give the impression that I was eligible for an upgrade to a Droid phone. I was told I wasn’t actually eligible until December. Last week we got a mailing that I was, once again, eligible. BAH.

SO. Have a good weekend. In the meantime: BAH.

Here’s Where I Am. Where are you?

Oh, Look: A National ID Card

Schneier on Security: REAL ID tells of a Federally mandated program that will, essentially, turn driver’s licenses into a national ID card.

Gosh, I remember when the last serious attempt to overhaul health care was shouted down because it required “smart card” technology. How times change, far too rapidly and rarely for the better.

On the Other Hand…

Last week, I got to walk into a crowded meeting room, open up my notebook computer and say, “Alright, you have me for a half hour. What’s up?”

It was sort of like being Tony Stark. Except for the whole good-looking technological genius superhero billionaire alcoholic thing.

On the other hand, I solved all their problems, so I guess the “superhero” thing isn’t entirely out of line.

Ooooh, I get arrogant when I’m tired, don’t I?