Welcome to my childhood

You know, every now and then, you’re on YouTube and you decide to look for the crap you used to watch when you were a kid.

To this day, that music is embedded in my skull.

I’m currently watching the recently-released New Adventures of Superman for review – created in 1966 to capitalize on Batmania, this Filmation show formed a cornerstone of my Saturday mornings, along with Space Ghost and The Herculoids. I now even dare dream of a DVD release of this:

Yes, the Lone Ranger, reimagined as a superhero show, or at least a Wild Wild West-type adventure. You’re not imagining things – that is the voice of Agnes Moorehead.

And, as long as I’m dreaming:

Because nobody believed me.

And I return later in the day to mention that as usual, Tom the Dancing Bug is right.


  1. Ha!Lone Ranger: “I’m the Master of the Obvious. See?”Tonto: “My job to point out things to dumb White Man, then save butt.”

  2. I saved that Tom The Dancing Bug Strip and likely will print it out and hand it out often. Especially when fanboys start putting out The Outrage that the Transformers movie is going to a disgrace to the original commercials, erm series. But I shouldn’t be so snide I loved Captain Planet. I know it’s awful, but if you look at it another way it was the last time there was a massive groundswell about social justice and issues. You could see it in the United Colors of Benetton ads, people were less racist and much cooler, sweaters were more brighter. People wore sweaters, and didn’t buy Crystal Pepsi. Hair had more gel and arms had more Looney Tune watches. People smiled more then, there were concerts in the park. Oh god where did it go? Where?

  3. I remember Super-President. Of course, I remember it in the same sense that I remember all that stuff–golden reminders of childhood, best not seen through the lens of adulthood.Remember the 60’s Fantastic Four cartoon? I remember that as awesome, but then I saw it recently. I had no idea that the “prissy Doctor Doom” wasn’t pioneered by the live-action film.I do remember that the Lone Ranger show was very stark and dynamic, and I liked it at the time.–Which is why I’m not gonna click on ANY of those links…

  4. I was babysitting every Saturday morning, back when America had so little clue what to do with its broadcasting bandwidth that it transmitted <>Super President<>. We’ll never get those megacycles back.My chief goal in life was to persuade Brendan that we should select the least lame channel that would still hold the attention of a four-year-old. As I recall, we watched <>The Banana Splits<> a lot.Anyway, in the Web era, I have occasionally linked to your review to persuade someone that SP really did exist. Even though it seems like it could have been a hallucination.

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