I Don’t Believe It Either

Whole lot of unpleasantness on the home front lately; I may bore you with it someday, but suffice to say due to a nasty set of coincidences – the Internet is currently an unfunded luxury at my home, and will be for the foreseeable future.

Irony of ironies, though: I have some access at the Hated Job.

That’s not what I’m here for, though. To those two or three of you that check in here: there is actually a new review at The Bad Movie Report. Yes, believe it or not. It doesn’t go officially live until tomorrow. Have a preview.

Time to go home now and… oh, I don’t know. Watch a movie, perhaps.

Good news, for once

From Wired News: Looks like the draconian royalty rates for Internet radio stations is being rethought.

Okay, yeah, Monster Squad…

…is coming out on DVD the 24th. There’s another laserdisc I can retire. But…

…is it so freaking hard to figure out that “Gillman” has TWO FREAKING L’S??!!

Now, for YOUR Past

My current nostalgic leanings take me in all manner of diseased directions. For some reason, I was nudged into recalling the two weeks that the Spongmonkeys were viral:

Yeah, go ahead and hate me now. I probably deserve it.

LATER: But you know what? Slate agrees with me. So nyaaah.