Failed Customer Gambit of the Day

“Hello, I’d like to schedule a cleaning for next week.”

“I’m sorry, next week is Fort Bend ISD’s Spring Break. Wily parents booked that week solid back in January.”

“You know… I’d really hate to have to find a different dentist.”

“Well, that’s your right. Good luck with that.”


Come now, was that really supposed to make me kick an orphan cancer patient or something out of their appointment and give it to you?

I am constantly amazed by people. And also amazed that a simple vitamin early in the morning can cause me to face such an occurrence with bemusement instead of rage and/or depression.

In other news, Order of the Stick #422 is in W I D E S C R E E N ! Now THAT’s epic!


  1. I had a library patron threaten to call the Better Business Bureau on me last month for not giving her a card (because she did not live in the city the library was in, and did not have her card from the city she DID live in, which could be entered into the library I work at if she had it).Which would have been a bigger threat if the library was an actual BUSINESS and not a non-profit venture supported by city and county funds, and required as a result of that to get her card from her hometown library.Great to hear “Right Here Right Now” in QPCR, by the way. Reminds me of my favorite song.

  2. Now THAT <>is<> amazing. There are valid tools in the consumer arsenal that can be useful in dealing with businesses and industry – unfortunately, like tools anywhere, they are misused by idiots.Especially love it when they invoke the BBB, as it has no punitive powers, but has a very handy database to consult when you’re <>thinking<> of doing business with someone.Then threatening a library with it – well, is “moronitude” a word?

  3. How would the BBB threaten a library, anyway? “We’ll burn your books!”“Well, okay, but could you take these old Danielle Steel books first? Be careful…they’re like deadwood.”

  4. Waitaminnit, Tim – <>Right Here, Right Now<> reminds you of <>Sheena is a Punk Rocker<>?

  5. “Right Here Right Now” (the Fatboy Slim track) has violins playing six notes from “Telstar” over and over and over and over in it. And, despite what some people might think, “Sheena” isn’t my favorite track. It’s second or third.

  6. That came across as a little bitchier and holier-than-thou than I intended.

  7. <>No hay problema<>, man. I totally left the “sarcasm” tags off my comment. Anyone who has the pleasure of owning one of your Timothologies has no problem discerning your favorite song.I had no idea about the “Telstar” sample in “Right Here, Right Now”, either. Obviously, I need to listen more closely.

  8. I don’t know if it’s a sample per se, or if it is, where he got it from. It could be something completely innocent re-edited to make it sound like part of a song in favor of communications satellites.

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