Zen and the Couch Potato: No Real Difference

I just had an unfortunate five-day weekend in which I did absolutely nothing, and rejoiced in the doing. Oh, I did some grocery shopping, and some reading, and got some levels in City of Heroes. But not much which could be regarded, in the main, as worthwhile. Why unfortunate, you may ask, outside the fact that I did not use that time to write the great American novel? Mainly, I was not paid for that time off. Next paycheck will be small, blue, and gasping for air.

Alone in the house, I set my surround system back up (disrupted by wifely reconstruction of the living room arrangement as “I’m so tired of this I could scream!”) and watched all three of the Matrix movies way too loud. A lot of the music on QPCR comes from these movies, and it was interesting to once more hear that in its original context. Oh, and I finally watched Serenity.

You shouldn’t be surprised it took me this long; it just hit the pre-viewed disc racks. I never got into Firefly because, at the time, I was working Friday evenings. I managed to get in a couple of episodes before it was cancelled, one of which caused me to go, hm, interesting, and another which made me go meh. Serenity, though, I really enjoyed; Joss Whedon did an excellent job of filling the newbs in on what was going on in the universe, and I really have to take my hat off to all the FX houses that worked on the digital scenes – spaceships in the cold void are not so hard, making them look real in an atmosphere – that’s tricky, and they did it very, very well.

That, and I drool uncontrollably whenever I see Gina Torres. Sigh…

I also watched the premiere episode of Hee Haw. Because I could. And because Buck Owens rocks. But that… is a rumination for another time.