You know, I would love to continue talking about some stuff I read over the summer, or share my thoughts on the current crop of science fiction shows on the fall TV lineup (or as I like to refer to them, the Children of Lost), but right now I’m making hurricane preparations.

This means things like trimming back the trees that might threaten the house and securing things in the yard that could turn into projectiles. Taking that carefully nurtured pile of gallon jugs and filling them with water. Finding out where my son has hidden all the flashlights. Those are the things you expect. What’s taking up a lot of my time is answering the phone and explaining to well-meaning friends that no, I am likely not running away.

In the aftermath of Katrina, a lot of people are a whole lot more scared of hurricanes than they were before, and that’s likely a good thing. However. Every local newscast I turn on might as well have a background graphic behind the immaculately coiffed newscaster reading WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE…stay tuned.

So I’m spending a lot of time explaining no, I am nowhere near an evacuation zone, no, the area I live in is not low-lying, no, I do not understand that merely being in the path of a hurricane is surely a death sentence. DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

And yes, I am sick and tired of being told how terrified I am supposed to be every waking second of my life. It is not my first hurricane. I have been through this before.

On the other hand, if you don’t hear from me again, please feel to smugly think, I told ya so.


  1. I know you’re not an idiot, but be careful anyway.Who would I annoy at B-Fest if something happened to you?I mean, beside Ken, Chris, Scott, Andrew, Paul, Holly, Jenny, Skip, George and Tina?Seriously. Watch your ass.

  2. Well, I <>hope<> we hear from you again. I’ve still got all those ATHF screen caps!Be careful. Don’t do anything like shake your fist at the weather and shout, “Foolish wind! Your power is but a fraction of mine! Thus speaks Dr. Freex!”That’s just <>asking<> for trouble.

  3. During Alicia, I stood out in the buffeting rain to shout out Lear’s “Blow, wind, and crack your cheeks” speech, because let’s face it – you don’t get a chance like that very often.Does that count?

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