Three Scripts and A Week and a Half To Go…

I think I remember what sleep was like. That’s the one where you don’t do anything, right?


  1. Yes, except sometimes you have these things called “dreams” in which you have even more deadlines….

  2. In <>my<> dreams, I’ve already missed the deadlines, because (for some unfathomable reason) I missed the school bus.

  3. At least if you miss the bus, you don’t end up at school without your homework or your pants.

  4. Weird…I still have dreams in which I’m a senior in high school….it’s nearing the end of the school year, yet still for some unknown reason haven’t got enough credits to graduate (remember that system?). Odd, because I had about 4 over the needed limit after my junior year…and I graduated high school nearly 13 years ago.

    I have yet to have a dream about somehow missing finals in college, though….

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