Where’s Freex?

Sorry, no, I won’t be putting on the striped shirt and goofy stocking cap so you can pick me out from the crowded landscape.

As I think I have explained before in these hallowed pixels, I am a sap and a sucker. Truth to tell, I find the “Help me, Obi-wan, you’re my only hope” gambit nigh irresistible, and thus I have found myself jumping about far more than my considerable mass should allow.

First the dinner theater from which I resigned last summer called me up for several Valentine’s Day weekend shows they had booked, as apparently I was the only actor who knew the part. Yes, I’ve been gone for seven months, and no one has stuck around long enough to learn that role. Actors have apparently been jumping ship while management continuously misses the Clue Express. I have to look at it this way: this return to the boards will pay off last month’s trip to B-Fest.

Then I realize I had also agreed to perform at church Sunday; the church has done a lot for us when times were desperately bad, so when they ask, I generally agree. Then I realized this was mixed in with the theater gigs – very little sleep between Saturday’s show and early morning Sunday service.

This is no way postponed my deadline today for another completed script. Finished that off at 3am last night, This morning. Whatever. Then up at 7am to take family to school, attempt to get a little sleep before the 1pm meeting, only to be foiled by the Power Pug Princess noisily demanding her walkies.

And I still have a show tonight. Yes, though I specifically noted that I one of the reasons I was retiring was to by-God spend significant holidays with my wife – I have a show tonight. I might get to leave early, after my character is killed. The curtain call ain’t that important in dinner theater.

So I’m a little tired. Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow.


  1. You’re a good man.

  2. Definitely a good guy. We, your loyal readers, will still be here when you’re less busy.

    Remember: The Spice must flow….

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