Digital Sweatshops

While I deal with impending deadlines, let’s give B-Fest a rest for a bit while I remind you that we are, indeed, living in the 21th Century.


  1. Dude….I am sooooooo taking Donkey Kong to court for extortion.

    I still can’t walk past a coin-op version of that game without throwing quarters his way for fear he’s going squish Mario with a barrell.

  2. I’ve encountered the digital sweatshop thing before…out of curiousity, once, I actually read one of the spam messages I got. I forget what it was for, but after the sig line and so on, there was this little chunk of text squirreled away:

    “As he spoke he felt himself gently but firmly pushed from behind and, losing his balance, he plunged headforemost from the roof and whirled through the intervening space toward the sidewalk far below. Terrified though he was by the sudden disaster, the boy had still wit enough remaining to reach out his right hand and move the indicator of the machine upon his left wrist to the zero mark

    Immediately he paused in his fearful flight and presently came to a stop at a distance of less than fifteen feet from the flagstones which had threatened to crush out his life”

    The image that immediately came to mind was of some poor soul, slaving away at a keyboard hacking out ads for spam stuff, pausing every now and then to work on his novel.

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