Christmas Spectres Approaching

It is doubtless obvious to any and all out there in the blogosphere that Christmas is fast approaching. The fact that most of us have been bludgeoned with yuletide imagery since before Halloween really makes that introductory sentence superfluous.

I’m not the holiday type, but I find myself perversely excited by this coming Saturday. For one thing, it will be the first Christmas we are actually spending at home, instead of driving all over Texas to be with various family members. Allergic to travel as I am, that is good news. It will be the first Christmas Eve service at our church I’ve been able to attend in… well, ever. Extended weather forecasts have it being actually cold on Christmas Day, instead of the usual jeez-turn-down-the-air-conditioner Xmas that is common in the Lone Star State. The concept of sitting in my easy chair in front of a fireplace while my boy vibrates in pleasure while tearing open packages like a blonde paper bomb fills me with an odd, comfortable, feeling of nostalgic warmth… odd since I’ve never had a Christmas like this.

Last Christmas was a little too stressful, as my wife and one of my in-laws got into a religious argument, ending when the in-law informed my wife that she and my son were going to Hell because they were not living the word of the Bible (as he saw it). Insert snide “true meaning of Christmas” comment here, since the whole thing makes me sick to my stomach. Odd, there was no mention made of her heathen husband…

I should clarify that, it could lead to confusion. No, I am not a Christian. Yes, I go to church. My wife is, you see, and her faith is very important to her. She – and, for the most part, the rest of the congregation – are open-minded enough to let me find my own way. I help out at the church when asked, and the whole moral thing is important to a child’s upbringing. I’m confident he’ll find his own way, either through this church, another, or the constant quest of his old man, when the time comes.

Speaking of the supernatural, I also think that this will be the last year that my son, Max, will wholeheartedly believe in Santa, and not simply give lip service to the concept in order to get more presents (I’m not raising a fool). Especially since, on one of his favorite shows, Mythbusters, last week, Adam Savage lumped the concept of “free energy” in the same realm as “The Easter Bunny and Santa Claus…FANTASY!!!”

Max may not know what “fantasy” is yet. I know the whole game was blown for me while very young by The Smothers Brothers, of all people.

That’s enough for today. Tomorrow, I’ll let you in on where I’ve been the last week. It’s not a thrilling story, but I still have catch-up to play in other areas, like, oh, you know, work. The thing that pays for Christmas.


  1. I recommend Max Cannon’s Red Meat comic strip titled “Bitter Mug of Nether Nog.” It condenses maturity, rebellion, and parental vengeance into three panels.

  2. HAH! The strip’s at , for all who are interested.

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