Hey, I Know – Let’s Talk About Movies For A Change

The Houston Chronicle picked up a Knight-Ridder wires story: HoustonChronicle.com – Fed-up film fans getting interested in geography. The story itself doesn’t have much to do with film fans, past a desire for the alliteration of four f-words in a row. Rather snarky in delivery, it’s about a growing discontent among filmmakers who are told to make Toronto stand in for various American cities.

You know, I’m a sap. I’ll generally buy in to whatever pack of lies a moviemaker asks me to swallow, just like if I go see a theatrical presentation of 12 Angry Men, I know I’m not looking into an actual jury room. Movies that are awash in genuine location and atmosphere tend to rely on that locale as an uncredited actor. It’s nice if you can do that, but is it always necessary? In the back of my head I know that a lot of CSI:NY I am seeing is not shot in New York, but it doesn’t stop my enjoyment of the series.

This bears all the markings of a slow media news day.